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Kerenina Sunny Halim

Personal Profile

Kerenina Sunny Halim , born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 13 June 1986,  was Miss Indonesia (DKI Jakarta) 2009. She represented Indonesia at the Miss World 2009 in South Africa in November–December the same year.

Kerenina is of mixed descent, her mother is from Montana, United States and her father from Bandung, Indonesia.  She has five siblings, one of whom is also a well-known celebrity in Indonesia, Steve Emmanuel,  who had starred in several TV soap operas (also known as  sinetron in Indonesia.)

Kerenina was homeschooled in her early years until graduation, and in her teen years actively participated in several humanitarian projects throughout the Indonesian archipelago. By the age of 22, Kerenina had received 6 diplomas for her college studies, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Primary Teaching, Economics, Performing Arts, and Music and Arts.

In her last year of high school, Kerenina completed a performing arts course while she lived in Bali.  She performed with a dance troupe which participated in several competitions, and attained first place in the Jakarta Arts festival 2001. In addition, she also took a music course learning drums, and attended vocals lessons. During her first year of college,  she spent a year in India, where she helped to set up a school for deaf children.  She also played an active role in consolidating women’s rights in the women’s correctional institute in New Delhi.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic tsunami in Aceh in December 2004,  Kerenina spent much of the following two years helping to rebuild Aceh.  Being active in one of the  first response disaster relief teams,  she also, with the help of other organizations,  founded projects such as,  educational programs for the children in the displaced persons camps,  orgainizing the building and donating of over 100 fishing boats to the fishing villages within and surrounding Banda Aceh.  She was key in the development of a mobile clinic project which provided the first and only free mobile health service in the area at that time, bringing free medical care and medicine to 15 villages within the Aceh region.

At the age of 21 she moved out on her own and began to work independently, teaching for the next two years subjects such a Character building and child physcology at a grade school in Jakarta, Sekolah Mentari.

Kerenina also spent her spare time doing various TV commercials and modeling jobs such as catwalks at fashion shows and photo spreads for fashion magazines. In april 2009 she then auditioned for the Miss Indonesia 2009 competition and was selected as one of the 33 finalists to compete for the Miss Indonesia 2009 title. Kerenina was chosen to be the representative from DKI Jakarta and along with 32 other finalists began the 2 weeks quarantine preparation program leading up to the grand final event of the competition.

Kerenina who amazed the judges with her fluent command of the English language, as well as her calm and elegant demeanor, impressed the judges with her ability to answer each of the questions asked her throughout the stages of the competition with remarkable intellect, she then went on to win the title and was crowned a Miss Indonesia 2009, at the grand finale event on June 5, 2009.

Within the same year Kerenina was also sent as the representative of Indonesia to compete in the Miss World competition, in November and December of 2009. And was the first Indonesian ever to win top scores in all 5 Fast Track competitions of the miss world competition.